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  1. Hello All

    Great to be a member of the GOT Baits community. Looking forward to contributing next year.

    Merry Christmas All!

    Jimmy Gibbs
  2. MADDS WORLD 14th dec 2014

    todays match is the final round of the alders farm fishery winter league,
    it has been an absolute mare so far this year for me, so hopeing today can go a bit better for me.
    we go into this round one man down as wayne had to pull out at short notice and it was too late to get anyone else.
    I drew peg 19 pines lake and with an island to chuck to and the water gradualy getting colder I was hopeing to at least do better than the other rounds,
    I have josh for company on 18 ...
  3. Roy's weekly rambings: 10th to 14th December

    With my cold still raging, (it is in week four now!) I thought twice about a week day fishing trip. However the forecast was for a mild and sunny day on Wednesday 10th so I loaded up Fabio and off we went to fish the Top Lake at Lake John.
    It was worth my while as I drew the most consistent peg on the lake number 33. I was in the shade for the first hour, but once the sun climbed a little in the sky I was bathed in winter sunlight for the rest of the day. It was a little windy ...

    Updated 14th December 2014 at 07:38 PM by Roy Makins

  4. MADDS WORLD 7th dec

    todays match is the 5th round alders farm winter league,
    at the draw I got 29 on the dam wall on silver lake,
    happy enough with that, normaly a good peg in section, the water had cleared out even more from last week and when the keepnets were in you could see all of them on the bottom, oh dear, !!!!!!!
    I set up much the same as last week on peg 24, 8 m and 14m, but I changed down to 0.12 hooklength and an 18 b911 to give myself every chance to get bites, if I ended up losing ...
  5. Marsh AC Xmas Match 06 12 14

    Why is it that Xmas matches always seem to be in December, when it is cold and frosty. Personally I think we should have one in June or July with a hot sun and longer days. I am sure attendances would be better as well.

    Still, Mick and I had a score to settle, the MK Nugget has finally reached a stage where a decision is made. I am leading 12-11 with only this match left where we can both fish. After a year it has been close with Mick edging the Marsh matches to pip me to the league ...
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