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  1. Oakfield Open 19 11 14

    With a spare day off work and a couple of pints of maggot spare, I booked in late (it was so late they added the peg in as I arrived) to the midweek open at Oakfield. I had fished it last week and I fished really poor, could only get a bite on maggot at 12m and not only missed a lot of bites, the ones I hit were tiny fish.

    I could not let it beat me up though so armed with corn, expanders, hard pellet and maggot I was confident of getting a few of the carp and f1's.

  2. MADDS WORLD, 18th october 2014

    decided to fish the Tuesday affordable open today at alders farm,
    weather really quite nice for middle of November, and no rain forecast.
    after the usual banter in the shop and the dipping of nets done it was a case of unload and get a cuppa in the café.
    pools all paid and 10 hardy souls had ventured out today just about enough with the water clearing rapidly and a bright sun coming through the mist,
    I drew peg 7 in the trees with terry lancs on 6 and ken on 8, Charlie ...
  3. Alders Farm Oaks Lake 18 11 14

    Not only did I lose a nugget last time out to Mick, I fished like an absolute idiot, in hindsight. I got it all wrong right from the off and never looked like catching a few. Still today is another day.

    Last Tuesday's match was on Oaks Lake and today was no different. Ten hardy souls braved the cool winter weather but at least the rain would hold off. It was fresh but not too bad for the time of year.

    With monies paid, and the peg numbers sorted I was hoping for a repeat ...
  4. Alders Farm Oaks Lake 11 11 14

    I always try to support my local fishery Alders Farm when I can and if shifts at work allow I always book into the regular Tuesday Opens. Not only are they normally well attended but are spread out across the fishery. To be honest, it would do my head in if it was on the same lake week in week out. Last week I suffered on peg 21 on the match lake and was hoping my drawing arm improved this week.

    There were 8 of us fishing this week and as always it was nice and friendly, something ...
  5. MADDS WORLD 9th nov 2014

    after my few weeks enforced absence on madds world owing to me not being able to get to my computer coz the bathroom and airing cupboard contents filled my computer room owing to bathroom refurb,,
    that's just for those that have missed me, those that havnt can go now.
    this weeks match was the third round of alders farm winter league, and with it still being mild ish a few fish seemed to be on the cards.
    at the draw I got peg 26 on the dam wall on the silvers lake, usualy ...
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